Stonehook landscape molds are a product of Rockcliff Machine Inc., a company that has been in business since 1985. We are manufacturers, with our focus on do-it-yourself products. ForĀ 30 years we have produced products that have assisted both businesses and individuals in reaching and surpassing their production and DIY goals.

We are all about self-sufficiency and we believe, that if given the right tools, most people can accomplish just about anything, on their own. And, that there is a certain kind of pride in accomplishing do-it-yourself projects on your own – a feeling that has become somewhat lost in our modern world.

Our concrete molds are produced with highly custom machinery designed and built by us. The process used to make Stonehook molds is also unique and, as a result, the molds we produce are of extremely high quality and detail. We maintain rigorous quality control for every single mold that leaves our factory, and guarantee your satisfaction.


We are located in Moffat, Ontario, Canada – a rural community approximately 50 miles from Toronto.